Overdue update

It has been a VERY long time since I’ve updated here – so much has been happening I’ve just not had chance! I’ve got a new job (start in two weeks), had a lot of stuff going on and a lot of things going on with Dan…

My last update was a super happy one with Dan and me debuting at Medium for our E-Dressage test. However, not long after that I was warming up for my lesson and, as I transitioned to trot, immediately felt that something wasn’t right. He felt really lame at the back, and luckily I had Carolyn on the ground too for a second opinion. Dan just didn’t look as if he was flexing through his hock at all (he’s already quite stiff in his hocks anyway, but this was much worse than normal!). I was going on holiday the following week, so I decided to give him some time off with a bit of Danilon and see where we were when I got back.

Unfortunately when I got home, Dan was no better, so I called the vet. She had a good look at him (I am so unfit – trotting a horse up several times is very tiring!) and did some x-rays so she could have a proper look at what was going on. It looks more like soft tissue damage rather than his hocks actually fusing – this had been her first thought. She thinks it’s mainly down to his age, wear and tear and his pretty poor hindleg conformation taking its toll. The vet came out again a week later and gave him a steroid injection into his left hind, with a large supply of bute to see how he got on! Dan had a week off after the injection and we have just started hacking again. So far he feels sound (but very unfit) but the long-term prognosis does not look good for schooling again 😦

I’m just pleased he seems to be very happy – he was really excited to go for his first hack again! I can’t ask him for any more, so while it’s disappointing I’m unlikely to be able to compete him again (especially as he was going so well), he’s done plenty for me in the time I’ve known him.

In better news, my blog has been nominated for an award! It’s Haynet’s Equestrian Blogger of the Year, sponsored by MirrorMePR. I’d really appreciate it if you’d take two minutes to vote for me 🙂 just click on the image below! I am very grateful for the support of my sponsor Caitlin Padgett – Portrait Artist as I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her 🙂

And in even better news, my lovely friends are being really fab and letting me get my schooling fix by riding their horses. I’m even going to take one of them to a little unaffiliated dressage on Sunday… wish me luck!

Nic & Dan x



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