Exciting news!

Hi everyone,

I’ve been meaning to blog for the past week but haven’t managed to find the time to actually sit and write – I’ve been away with work, had a severe (and I mean severe) bout of toothache and obviously lots still going on in my life.

I have such amazing news that I’m really excited about and have been desperate to write a proper post for! I am thrilled to tell you all that I am now, officially, a sponsored rider!! It’s something I’ve been trying to achieve for a while now as I think me and Dan have quite a lot to offer and we’d really appreciate any support. I discovered Caitlin via a mutual Facebook friend, who had decided to take the next step with her career and find a rider to support. What really stuck out for me and encouraged me to apply was the fact she wanted someone to forge a partnership with. The whole reason dressage appeals to me as a sport is the way you have to work in harmony and partnership with someone else, so I could see how this would fit into my lifestyle and entire mindset. Caitlin is also really focused, determined and ambitious, which are all qualities I strive to achieve, particularly with my riding. I wrote my application and crossed my fingers – and to my surprise Caitlin chose me!

Since then we’ve spoken quite a bit and it’s clear that we both are willing to work hard to develop our partnership and push ourselves to the limit 🙂 My grand plan this summer is to save and buy a trailer (plus upgrade my car, plus take my trailer test… nothing worth doing is ever easy, is it!) but with Caitlin’s support, it looks like my dreams and ambitions can get that step closer to reality.

A bit more about Caitlin – she’s a mega talented artist who specialises in portraits (whether that’s a sketch in pencil, coloured pencil, watercolour or these super cool digital prints). As someone who is totally uncreative (I can’t sing/draw/paint etc – there’s a reason I work in the Commercial team at work!) I am truly in awe of what she can do. Please do give her a like on Facebook (Caitlin Padgett – Portrait Artist) and show her a bit of support on my behalf 🙂 For more info on her prices you can also check out her website: Caitlin Padgett. I’m so excited for what we can do together in the future.

On a separate note, Dan is still slightly lame at the front. I reckon it’s likely to be his heel again as it’s presenting exactly the same, he’s close to being sound now so it’s something I just need to mention to my farrier next time he comes to the yard. Hopefully I’ll be back on at the weekend or sometime next week. I have now started going to the gym once a week – that’s how determined I am to be a better rider for my horse!

I’ll be updating my blog again at the weekend as I have even more exciting news… Dan is getting a new playmate who arrives tomorrow! But more on our new arrival next time.

Nic & Dan x



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