February Update

Hi everyone,

I don’t feel like I have loads to catch up on this week as I’ve not yet managed to film February’s E-Dressage test! My annual leave year at work finishes on the 1st March so I’m hoping to use up one of my last days this week to film it as I’ll have more time. Dan has been super spooky for the past fortnight, I’m not sure if it’s the bit of grass he’s managing to find out in the field (he’s finally back out with Sunny :D) or if he’s just picking up on me being a bit stressed at the moment. The nights are suddenly starting to get a bit lighter, so hopefully that will help improve the spookiness.

Light! At 5.30pm

We’ve enjoyed some nice hacks recently, I made mum and dad come with me on Sunday for a nice little family outing, including their two Jack Russells (Molly and Poppy)! Dan has been loving going out, he seems to really enjoy hacking out now and we both get to chill out and enjoy ourselves.

We’ve been working hard in the school too despite the spookiness. I’ve had some really nice work out of him in between a bit of tenseness when he’s been trying to look up the field instead of concentrate, but the canter has felt like it’s getting a bit more jump to it again. I’ve started to now try and incorporate a few more Medium movements, so we’ve been doing lots of travers and walk pirouettes which I think are getting better. Fingers crossed he can contain himself a bit later this week when I film my test! I’m debating whether to cut his hard feed down a little bit, but I’m worried it will have a negative impact on his weight (he has wintered better than ever this year!). Why is it never straightforward?!

Catch you all next week when I’ll have February’s E-Dressage test ready to view 🙂

Nic & Dan x



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