A matchy update!

Hey everyone,

It was my birthday this weekend 🙂 I had received a few goodies for my birthday, as well as having treated myself – a bit of retail therapy to cheer myself up. Unfortunately over the weekend I soon ran out of time to take some decent photos as I was busy Saturday, then it snowed on Sunday (plus I was maybe a touch hungover…). In the end I took a few photos of the new stuff tonight, although it was a bit dark!

I finally got round to buying a new bridle from Equiture with a gorgeous browband, and my brother treated me to some new winter gloves from eGlove that you can use with your phone’s touchscreen (and they actually work!). I also bought a brand new matchy set and some winter breeches (both HKM) in the Christmas/New Year sale from LVR Equine!

I will film my next E-Dressage test wearing them at the end of the month – the dark night hasn’t really done any of the new stuff justice!

I’ve basically been working on what I can during this cold snap. Me and Suzie managed to hack on Saturday but only braved going down the bridleway – it was so icy on the roads and in the manege, so unfortunately we couldn’t do much more. Tonight the manege was still quite frozen in patches, but the track had nicely thawed, so we just worked on some bending down the long sides and transitions. Our canter was much better tonight, I think the cold weather is making him move faster! I’m hoping he will just about be fit enough to get round the Elementary test later this month, although thanks to several things I will be leaving filming to the last minute as usual…

On a final note, I’m really happy with how Dan is looking – normally I am worrying about his weight at this time of year! However, he is loving his Pavo feed and he is looking fab on it, plus all the muscle is starting to come back now 🙂

Catch up again next week!

Nic & Dan x


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