Typical horses!

Hi everyone,

So after my high of last week – getting my E-Dressage test submitted early, training all going well, Dan looking great… it had to all go wrong at some point!

I got to the yard on Friday night and fetched the horses in as usual. I tied Dan up with a haynet while I did my jobs, hoping the horrible clay-like mud would dry enough for me to brush off! As I was sweeping the yard around him, I noticed a bit of blood. On further inspection I realised that Dan had quite a deep wound on his right hind, where the coronet band is. At first I thought it was an abscess, but it did look particularly nasty, so I called the vet – plus, I was really worried as he hadn’t been lame or anything before, which didn’t really fit an abscess profile! The vet also initially thought abscess, and took his shoe off to have a dig around, but there was nothing there. She concluded that it was a wound rather than abscess, and the only way I can describe it (without posting gross pictures!) is that it looks like a wire wound, although who knows how he’s done that 😦 thanks to the muddy conditions, it’s already infected too. It’s also cost me a fortune in vet fees!

Dan feeling sorry for himself – he rarely lies down normally!

Poor Dan is now on a course of antibiotics, which luckily he is wolfing down in his tea. He is a fussy eater sometimes so I am making sure he’s eating everything up. I also have to hot tub the wound twice a day, which is really not fun as he’s a bit of a shuffler, so if anyone has any tips they’d be greatly received! He’s on strict manege only turnout now to keep it a bit cleaner and he is quite sore on it so no riding for the time being.

Dan’s ‘tolerant’ face – this is how he stands when hot tubbing his leg!

Gutted about my poor horsey, so please cross fingers and hooves for a quick recovery! The good news is he is still eating and seems reasonably perky so I’m hoping he’s not feeling too poorly in himself.

I hope you’re all having more fun with your ponies at the moment despite the weather!

Keep smiling 🙂

Nic & Dan x


4 thoughts on “Typical horses!

  1. Typical Horses! I think the worst thing about all the mud is that it hides wounds. :/ My boy is prone to giving himself speedy cuts on his cannon bones. So far there hasn’t been anything too serious *touches a lot of wood* but he is a TB, so you can never be too careful!
    But if you keep washing mud off you risk mud fever!
    Hope he gets better quickly and hopefully you’ll get great feedback for the test you sent in!

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    • Exactly! The mud is so grim here too, it’s clay and just sticks to everything 😦 Seriously thinking about getting him some turnout boots, but equally don’t like to boot him all the time! Hope you manage to stay injury free over the winter.
      Good luck for your test too – I always get quite nervous on the first day of the month waiting for scores!


      • I got some premier equine ones in the black friday sales last year. They are very good and would recommend! But Scottie is such a mud monster, that when he goes down and wallows in the mud, he always gets his left hind one half off so mud gets stuck in it -_- I’m trying Baby Oil this year. See how that goes. And he has stable boots to help his legs dry for when I do hose them off.

        Thank you! Fingers crossed. And I’m exactly the same! And I will spend all of tomorrow checking to see if the results are up yet.

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