EquiNutritive Equi-Liquid Gold review

Hi all,

I thought I would do a little in-between post so I could do a bit of a review of a product I’ve been trying on Dan for the past 5 or so weeks. I’d decided a while ago that I’d like to put Dan on something (particularly in advance of winter) to help out with his joints. There’s no specific issue I have in mind – I just want to get him on something to support his joints before we encounter any problems.

I’d been reading loads about turmeric and how amazing it is, I know a few people personally who feed it and any Google/horsey forum searches always throw turmeric up as a wonder food for joint support! However, I’d been put off it a little after researching and discovering it should be fed alongside oil in a certain ratio, as well as it being bright yellow and generally staining everything. I’ve used EquiNutritive before (see my previous update on their calmer, luckily no longer needed for Dan now he’s settled in to the new yard!) and was interested to discover they make a turmeric/oil blend as part of their range, called Equi-Liquid Gold.

I ordered some to try and firstly, the whole ordering and delivery process is straightforward and pretty speedy. Plus the fab delivery man follows my instructions and leaves it where I’ve asked as I’m at work when it’s delivered 🙂

Equi-Liquid Gold comes in a really useful bottle a bit like any normal liquid supplement you’d buy. It has a helpful measuring bit and the label clearly explains how much to feed. I’ve got Dan on the lower maintenance dose but it’s reassuring to know I could always increase this a little if I felt he needed it. I feed it in Dan’s tea and he’s never turned his nose up at it. The liquid itself is very yellow and makes me feel like I’m making Dan a curry for his tea! It’s extremely easy to feed and it seems very palatable for the horses.

In terms of whether I think it works: I’ve explained earlier that Dan doesn’t have any specific issues, so this is more for maintenance/prevention use. That said, I genuinely do think I’ve noticed a difference in how Dan is moving. My trainer mentioned in my last lesson that she thought he looked more supple – yes, I’ve been doing some bending and flexion work too, but I think it’s all contributing. She was unaware I was feeding him anything new! I’ve also been watching Dan whenever I can out in the field, and I really feel that he’s moving his hindlegs better (I especially think I can tell in the walk). I lunged him today and I think he’s moving more freely, so a combination of more training and focus along with the Equi-Liquid Gold is clearly paying off. Our canter work is feeling better (if he has a weakness it’s his right hind, he’s always found this one the more difficult leg to push under). He’s also very shiny and his coat is in great condition.

Would I recommend – I’m now on my second bottle, and I don’t think I can give it any better seal of approval than feeding it every day! It’s a definite yes from us.

For more on EquiNutritive and what they do, visit their site http://www.equinutritive.com/

Nic & Dan


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