August E-Dressage!

Hi everyone,

I’ve had a really weird (but good!) week this week – I’ve had a friend from Germany staying with me to improve her English. I stayed with her family on my year abroad so, 6 years later, I’ve returned the favour! We’ve had a lovely time and I’ve quite enjoyed being a tourist in my own town, but it has meant that Dan has had a quieter week than usual. Heti (my friend) rides so she rode him one night (and made him look really fab!) and he only actually had one day off so we didn’t do too badly, but sessions were a little shorter than usual.

Me and Suzie wanted to do our next E-Dressage test but had only one day when we were both around! So we filmed yesterday morning, Suzie did her novice first and then filmed my Elementary. I was pretty tired (went out the night before haha!) and I think I possibly warmed up a bit too long – it was warmer than I thought it would be. I’m not as pleased with this test as I have been recently – part of the problem of improving is that my own standards are much higher so I expect much better from myself now! I probably shouldn’t admit this, but the video test is the first time I’d actually ridden it through… oops! However, I’ve been working so hard on my position and Dan’s way of going that I haven’t had too much time to practice any tests yet. I’ve got the area festival on Sunday too so that’s been at the back of my mind and the focus of my training a little.

I also found this Elementary quite difficult – lots of 10m circles, in both trot and canter! And even worse… medium canter into a 10m circle collected canter… ugh! It’s really hard to do normally but I don’t actually have a full-sized school to ride in either and I don’t think I had him really connected enough to make a great job of the circles. But we had a go and I do think the feedback will be useful this month, so I’m really looking forward to it.

So this week I’m fully focusing on preparing for the area festival – I’m going to practice in a long arena on Thursday, and am using my E-Dressage Success Diary to help plan our training this week. I am really excited but also pretty nervous! I am going on holiday the day after so Dan will at least get a bit of a deserved rest while I’m away (although my friend might hack him a couple of days for me).

Next update will be an area festival round up… ahhh!

Here’s the E-Dressage video for those who want to have a peek πŸ™‚ stupid video cut out before I could salute, hope the judge doesn’t mind too much!!
Elementary 50

Thanks for reading!

Nic & Dan x


4 thoughts on “August E-Dressage!

  1. Good luck for your E Dressage! I entered my ex racer for the first time this month as they have started ex racer classes πŸ™‚ he’s still very green when it comes to schooling, but i’m a bit like you and a bit too over critical of my riding!

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