My first review! EquiNutritive No More Nerves Blend

So I’m nearly all out of my No More Nerves blend from EquiNutritive, so I thought it was about time I updated you lovely lot with my findings!

Dan has always been a sharp horse – sharp in that he finds the world a very scary place sometimes. This can be anything from spooking at things in the school, out hacking or at shows to generally finding life a bit difficult. I moved yards back in February and felt like I needed a little bit of extra help to get him settled and chilled. Dan had been at our previous yard his entire life (from birth to the grand old age of 18!) so understandably he has found the transition a little nerve racking, not helped by the fact we’ve gone from a very busy livery yard to a very quiet, tiny place with just two of us!

After speaking to the lovely people that run the Equinutritive Twitter account (@EquiNutritive) I decided to give their No More Nerves blend a go. The feed arrived really quickly and you can buy fairly large bags that last a while, but with the calmer being made from essentially plants, the bag is really light and easy to lug around! My first impression on opening the bag is that it smells genuinely AMAZING. I sometimes have trouble introducing new foods to Dan – he can be a bit fussy. But there were no problems with this, he tucked in straight away as you can see!


Initially I didn’t feel much of a difference, but the Equinutritive guys reckon it takes a couple of days to get into their system (particularly if you’re just starting and introducing slowly like me!). However, after about a week I started to think that he was noticing spooky things less and less. He was still a bit stressy out in the field (he likes to be as close to his ‘safe place’ – the yard – as possible!) but generally out hacking and schooling he was behaving well.

The big test came when I booked a lesson and had to hack over there solo. He’s never been the most confident hacker so hacking alone has always been where he’s been the spookiest. But we got there with no issues and no proper spooks whatsoever! We then had a great lesson in a school he’s never been in before. I’d be lying if I said he didn’t look at things, but I felt like he relaxed more and kept a lid on his tension more than usual.

Essentially, I feel that the calmer has helped him keep control of his tension and sometimes fright – it’s not prevented him looking at things and it’s certainly not taken away any of his sparkle. Overall I’ve been quite impressed with the product, it’s done exactly what I needed by taking the edge off but leaving me with the horse I know! The only thing I needed was something to properly measure the feed out with – I wouldn’t mind purchasing this, but it’s difficult to know how much each bit of your feed weighs when you have different products. That said, this really is a very minor point and wouldn’t put me off buying again.

Now I just need to decide what to try next… with Dan now being 18, I’m wondering about using some Chia seeds or perhaps the Liquid Gold. Have a look at to see the full range, you can even request free samples 🙂

Thanks for reading, and on Tuesday check back here for my #dressagehour giveaway!

Nic & Dan


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