Results time!

Hello all!

Slightly later than usual update this week, because I wanted to wait for the E-Dressage results!

So, after a bit of a wait (judging always happens at the beginning of the month, and because we’d had a Bank Holiday in May I had decided to film my test then!) I received notice that the tests had been judged. Surprisingly this made me pretty nervous, I haven’t really competed much and I always want to do well for Dan, so I worry that I’ll let him down a bit.

Now the first thing the lovely Roseanna at E-Dressage told me was… ‘You missed a bit out in your test!’ Basically, what happened was, on the day I filmed the test, Dan was pretty spooky and generally disliking the top end of the arena – this happens all the time when the grass has grown! So when I was doing my final canter, I was so relieved that all had gone smoothly with no spooking I totally forgot to canter the last 20m circle… idiot alert!! Unfortunately this is online dressage, so there’s no judge to ring the bell and let you know! So I ended up scoring a big fat zero for that movement (as well as incurring the usual 2 penalties for error of course).

After being told that I was even more nervous about my score, knowing that this would have a huge impact on the final percentage. Was I going to be completely humiliated with my results there for all to see?

Well, I needn’t have worried too much. My wonderful horse had only gone and won the class with 61.5%! I was over the moon (and still am to be honest!). My aim for our first test of the season was to score over 60%, so I’m thrilled to have achieved that. I received so many lovely comments from all you guys which made posting the video on here so worth it too. I am looking forward to getting the test back with all the comments to see where we could improve (learning the test is probably the main one!). Onwards and upwards for the June competition!

I treated Dan to a lovely browband from Bespoke Browbands, so here is the star himself modelling just for you!

Dan Bespoke Browband

Excitingly, I am awaiting a delivery from EquiNutritive ( as I am going to try a new calmer to help settle Dan – the spring grass is making him a bit silly! Watch this space and I’ll let you know how we get on 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Nic & Dan x


4 thoughts on “Results time!

  1. Wooo go team Dan! 🙂 I’m surprised you haven’t competed much because you both did brilliantly! Like a pair of pros. So no wonder you were over the Moon…Dancer (see what I did there :P) You definitely need to enter this month – and remember all of the test 😉

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